About WebGear

WebGear is a one-man company, founded and owned by Arjan Haverkamp.
Creating (mobile) web applications is what I do.
PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript & jQuery, FabricJS, MySQL, I18N, Cordova (Phonegap) and security is what I'm good at.



Phideo Create a mp4/webm video from a sequence of photos. The individual frames can be annotated and a background audio track can be selected. The video encoding process takes place in the browser, using an Emscripten video encoder.


Strip Background Fully automatically remove the background of photos and images. Replace the background of a photo with a solid color or new background image. Background removal is taken care of by a Python script on the server.


MapRoute logo Find and create routes and navigate them on your phone (Android Auto/Apple CarPlay compatible), using the Google Maps app.
Over 2000 routes for car, motor bike, bicycle and walking. Navigation is traffic aware and avoids road blocks.


Coloring Online

ColoringOnline.com is a site where you can color online coloring pages and mandalas, using solid colors, gradients and many patterns. The colors and size of the patterns is fully adjustable.
The resulting colored drawing can be printed, shared on social media or downloaded as an HD image.
The drawings are SVG's, the site runs fully client side, using CSS grid and flex for a very responsive layout.


Mind Map Editor MindMapEditor.com is a free online Mind Map Maker. Create your own Mind Maps to visualize your ideas and to structure and organize your brainstorm. Start with a central concept and add nodes as associations with that central idea. Customize your Mind Map with icons, images, colors and text and save the result that you can edit later. You can finally save or share your Mind Map as an image.


Chartle Chartle is an online chart and graph maker. It combines three Javascript frameworks into one neat application: Chart.js, Fabric.js and Rough.js. The result is a very user friendly tool where anyone can very quickly create a nice looking bar, line, pie, bubble, scatter, radar, polar, funnel or gauge chart. Charts can be saved for editing later and saved as a HD image.


Photo Filters Edit and beautify your photos with an insane amount of filters and effects. Many Instagram filters, red eye removal, oil paint, tilt shift, vignette, bokeh and much more.
Everything runs in the browser. It's built upon FabricJS, CamanJS and glfx.js.


Photo Editor PhotoEditor.com is an online tool for editing photos. It's a responsive website that works well on a wide variety of browsers, including tablets and smartphones. Users can upload a photo, then edit it using an extensive array of operations: resize, crop, rotate, flip, adjust brightness/contrast, adjust sharpness/blur, remove red eyes, change colors, add borders and frames, apply a variety of filters and effects and annotate with text.


Wordclouds.com Create Word Clouds based on words found in PDF or Word documents. Choose from a variety of shapes, themes and fonts. The resulting cloud image can be saved locally, or shared online.


Youtube Trimmer A simple and user friendly tool to quickly edit/crop Youtube videos. Drag the slider to the desired start- and end points, and share or embed the cropped video. Uses the Youtube API to allow users to search for videos.


Poster Maker A free online poster maker, typography editor and meme maker. Create your own posters and text art, all inside your browser. Memes can be saved or shared on social media.
This site is built upon FabricJS, I've written some plugins for it that allow for extended "typography specific" functionality.
The Curved Text plugin is rather cool.


Photo Editor PhotoCollage.com is an online tool for creating photo collages. Users can drag or upload photos on the canvas, and have them automatically or manuallt arranged into a collage. The resulting collages can be saved (and set as Facebook header image), shared or printed. This tool is unique in that no photos are sent to a remote server, which makes it both very fast and secure.


Change faces

On ChangeFaces.com, users can swap the faces in stock photos with a mugshot, either their own or a friend's. Instant results, which can be saved or shared on social media.
Another FabricJS-based project.


EQuipmens A static, Bootstrap based, website for a small-scale psychology practice in The Netherlands.


Photo Resizer An online tool for resizing and cropping images. Users can crop images to predefined formats for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Using FabricJS, you can also annotate your image with text and basic shapes. Some simple editing tools are present as well: blur & sharpen, grayscale, flip & rotate.
The resized image can be downloaded or shared.


Annotation Annotation.com is a site where you can annotate PDF documents, images (and screenshots) and maps. PDF documents can be drawn on and you can place your initials and signature. Everything runs client side: fast and safe.

Fake Chat App

Fake Chat App On this site you can create "fake" conversations in Whatsapp or Messenger style. The result can be saved as an image and shared on social media.
Features drag & drop of text balloons, inline editing etc.

jQuery Fontpicker

FontPicker This is an open source component for easily picking a font from the Google Web Fonts repository as well as local fonts. It's available on GitHub.


Photo Enlarger A very simple tool where users can enlarge their photos and images. Drag an image, select the enlargement factor and the photo is enlarged using 4 different algorithms. The user can download the one(s) she likes best. It's all client side, the photo is never uploaded to any server.


QRApp.com A free online service where you can scan and create QR codes. QR codes can have labels, frames and custom colors. No server side code was harmed in the making of this website.


Hiddenobjectgames.com A responsive website that hosts HTML5 games. Made with PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap and jQuery.


Mahjong.com A responsive website that hosts HTML5 games. Made with PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap and jQuery.


Classicgame.com A responsive website that hosts HTML5 games. Made with PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap and jQuery.


CardGame.com A responsive website that hosts HTML5 games. Made with PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap and jQuery.


Match3games.com A responsive website that hosts HTML5 games. Made with PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap and jQuery.


Mindgames.com A responsive website that hosts HTML5 games. Made with PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap and jQuery.


NeonGames.com A responsive website that hosts HTML5 games. The website registers highscores for registered players. Made with PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap and jQuery.


TowerDefenseGames.com A responsive website that hosts HTML5 games. Made with PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap and jQuery.


TimeManagementGame.com Another responsive website that hosts time challenging HTML5 games. Made with PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap and jQuery.


AllRadio Listen to Dutch online radio stations on any device: phone, tablet or desktop PC (responsive design). Users can create favorites, and open a pop-up player in order to listen to their favorite station all day long.

Your Smart Butler

Your Smart Butler Your Smart Butler enables guests of hospitality venues to place orders using their own smartphone (or tablet). Every order location (table, hotel room, beach bed) has a unique QR code. Scanning it with the Your Smart Butler App, available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, or any standard QR code scanner, results in the venue's menu being shown on screen.
From this digital menu, the user places her order. The order appears on a tablet PC in the kitchen, or is printed on a receipt printer. More »


2pdf logo On 2pdf.nl, you can convert Office documents to PDF and vice versa, for free. The website is responsive (works equally well on a desktop, tablet or smartphone) and is built using HTML5, Bootstrap, jQuery and PHP. The site is available in English and Dutch.

Server side, documents are converted in real-time. Feedback of the conversion process is provided by means of a progress bar.


HTML games

HTMLgames.com is a website I implemented for Zygomatic. It contains a collection of HTML5 games for desktop browsers, tablets and mobile phones. The site is fully responsive and is built upon the following techniques: PHP, MySQL, Apache2, HTML5, Bootstrap, jQuery etc.


Files2Zip A very handy little tool for quickly zipping and unzipping files. Comes in handy when you're on a device that does not have ZIP tools available. All processing is done client-side, your files never leave your computer.

HTML5 games - Fun

For Zygomatic, I created quite a few HTML5 games. Lots of invisible but important details here: these games are 100% responsive; a single codebase for desktop and mobile. Automatic scaling to available resolution. Audio that works everywhere. Incorperation of Adsense Video Ads. Etc. etc.

Sokoban Vexed
Tapman Shanghai Mahjong

HTML5 games - Daily series

These are puzzle games with a different level per day of the year.

Sudoku 15Up
Kakuro Binario

HTML5 games - Instructive

A bunch of HTML5 games that attempt to be instructive, for both children and adults. I designed and coded these games.

Add It Up Chalkboard Sums
Add It Up 2 Add It Up 3


Toonytool logo On ToonyTool.com (developed for Zygomatic), visitors can create cartoons or memes, consisting of one or more frames. Select a setting, then add characters, props and text balloons. You can save the result as an image, animated GIF or video.
This site is built upon FabricJS, jQuery, Bootstrap etc.

Toonytool Toonytool

About Arjan

  • I am a freelancing web developer, you can hire me for creating applications for the (mobile) web.
  • I am a Zend Certified engineer.
  • In 2012 and 2013, I was the product manager at Your Smart Butler, responsible for developing the VenueCenter and mobile web app.
  • From 2001 until 2012, I was product manager and co-owner at Web Power.
  • At Web Power, I was responsible for DMdelivery, a LAMP based SaaS email marketing platform. DMdelivery is actively being used by over 500 world wide companies for their email marketing needs. Over 3 billion emails are sent through DMdelivery each year. The DMdelivery GUI is available in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish and Chinese.
  • At Web Power, I created Phoundry, a LAMP based CMS used by many Dutch web sites.
  • From 1996 until 2001, I was a web developer at NOB Interactive (now Bright Alley).
  • In 1996, I graduated from HIO in Enschede (computer science). I completed two internships abroad, one at Siemens in Munich, Germany and one at Veritas in the Silicon Valley, California, USA.
  • I like gadgets and am very fond of my Smart Roadster.
  • My personal website is www.avoid.org. Due to lack of time, it is not updated as often as I'd like.


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